Clariant is one of the two major cold flow additive manufacturers worldwide. The range of products include CFFP (Cold Filter Plugging Point Additives), PPDs (Pour Point Depressants), CPDs (Cloud Point Depressants), WASAs (Wax Dispersants) and other specialty cold flow additives.
The cold flow range is intended for refinery and terminal use to improve the low temperature characteristics of middle distillates, as well as fuel and crude oils. The company through its involvement in the refinery business also manufactures demulsifiers, corrosion inhibitors, H2S Scavengers, asphaltene dispersants etc.


​Lang Chemie is a one of the major suppliers of Lubricity Additives for Low Sulfur Diesel Fuels to the refining and oil terminal installations with a wide customer base and fully certified and approved products.
The company’ s product line also includes performance packages and chemical specialties, particularly for automotive, heating and residual fuels, technical greases/oils/waxes, de-icing and anti-freezing compounds, cleaners, care products and formulations for special technical applications.